Familiarization trips (commonly referred to as FAM Tours) are a great way to come see you a-aphrodite- hospital, a medical center or doctor facility, spa, hotel or other medical tourism and disclose them to the customers-patients.
FAM Tours are incredibly important. They allow interested international parties to actually see and experience (if they want) the healthcare facilities in Greece. For reporters, writers and others in the media business, it gives them great source material for a story.
For Self-Insured Companies, Insurance Companies, Healthcare brokers, Consultants and other third-party payers of healthcare, it allows them to see and understand new healthcare options that they may have never considered before.
For Medical Tourism operators, it educates them on their providers allowing them to better market their services and to better serve their customers-patients.

One of the main reasons is to introduce Greece as a destination for medical tourism and to generate an interest from “buyers” to send patients to the hospitals and clinics visited on the tour.

Participating in a fam-trip is an excellent way to get recognized in the international market, and the “Greek Doctors” is there to help you.

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