Dr Karalexis Apostolos
MD – Dermatology – Dermatologic Surgery

Specializes in: Hair Loss

Location: Athens

Patients can save thousands of euros on hair transplant in Athens — and get back the original density of your hair in 1 day!
Dr. Karalexis personally works with his patients every step of the way, from meeting with them the day of the procedure.
From 2002 Dr. Karalexis has specialized in both surgical and medical treatments for hair loss after his fellowship at Tulane University, New Orleans, USA.

Dr. Karalexis is the director at Derma Hair Clinic.
Here you can find further information about Dr Dr Karalexis  , his scientific work and her activities in the field of Dermatology.

OverviewTreatmentsBiographyAsk the Doctor
Additional Specialties
Areas of Expertise
Hair Transplantation, Hair Loss Specialist


Private practice / Office Location
Derma Hair Clinic – Athens, Greece, Megaron Mousikis Metro Station
Work Experience
 He has a great clinical experience in Dermatology for more than 20 years and he is the Director of Dermatology at the Naval Hospital of Athens, Greece.
Affiliated Hospitals / Medical Centers
Naval Hospital Of Athens
Languages spoken
Greek, English
Patient Insurance
Private Patients are Welcome
Conditions treated
Hair loss treatment, Hair transplantation , Lasers, Acne scars revision, Tattoo removal, Face rejuvenation, Laser hair removal
Procedures performed
Hair Transplantation, Liposuction with local anaesthesia, Fat transfer, Dermabrasion for acne scars, Dermatologic Surgery

Education & Training

License to practice medicine
Medical Association Of Athens
Medical Education
Medical School Of Thessaloniki
Naval Hospital Of Athens
Dermatology at “Andreas Syggros” Hospital in Athens
Dermatologic Surgery at “Andreas Syggros” Hospital and Fellowship in Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery at Tulane University, New Orleans, USA
Post Graduate Clinical Training
Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Professional Experience
20 Years Experience in Dermatology

Scientific Work


International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Hellenic Dermatology Association, Hellenic Dermatologic Surgery Association

Awards & Recognitions
International Award for 2017 in Medical Tourism Patient Service for Dr. Karalexis Apostolos and DermaHair Clinic from the Whatclinic.com Organism.
Conferences/Professional meetings
Research experience


Patient Satisfaction

Jerry Becht - Floyds, Knobs, Indiana

"He never made me feel pressured at all"
"After visiting 4 different doctors, regardless of the price (he was not the lowest price, in the middle) I felt very comfortable and confident for our first meeting. He was very honest about what results he would provide for me (I didn’t have the best donor area). He never made me feel pressured at all. He event gave me his personal cell and told me I could called him after anytime after our first meeting and then after the procedure. He saw me the day after the procedure and one week after since I was in Greece on vacation. His two assistants during the procedure were also very professional and well trained. I would go back for another procedure anytime. He was very professional, qualified and really cares about his patients.
Top notch office, very clean and nice."

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Dr. KARALEXIS, Dermatologist – Dermatologic Surgeon