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Medical Tourism (also known as Medical Travel, Health Tourism and sometimes Global Healthcare) is broadly defined as travelling away from their home town (to another state or country) to receive medical attention. Historically, the case has been that the displeased patients from their country’s health system travelled to other countries (e.g. Asia, Europe or United States) for medical procedures that were missing or unavailable in their own country.
Nowadays, this trend is growing every year. Patients from the Russia and CIS are increasingly travelling away from home and to other countries for high-quality medical care.
Why are they doing this? Because they can get the care that they want and need, such as specialty surgeries and medical checkups, all at affordable prices and with short wait times. The numerous convenient travel options and the combination of recuperation and holidays have made this more possible than ever before.  Additionally, the facilities in Greece are world-class and the doctors are excellent with many having received training in the US and Europe.
As the world becomes smaller because travel is now easier and more affordable, the option of quickly travelling to Greece to save thousands of rubbles is now very real.
In fact for many, medical tourism it is not just an option but instead it is their only choice given the skyrocketing costs of medical care in the Russia & CIS.

Greece is regarded as an emerging health tourism destination that has a number of advantages over the established health tourism destinations:
checkblue  Innovative treatment technologies
checkblue  Professional medical personnel
checkblue  Modern facilities
checkblue  Excellent European location
checkblue  Lower prices
checkblue  Great tourist attractions

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