If you’re over 50 and you like travelling….Come to Greece!
From 1 October  to 30 April …..It s time for you!
Say goodbye to the cold weather…..

Long Stay Holidays_50 plus
When the long Russian winter has well and truly set in and you feel as though you haven’t seen the sun – or your own bare skin – for months, there’s only one thing to do.
Fly southern, somewhere sunny, somewhere hot, somewhere with beautiful beaches, smiling people and amazing scents and tastes.
Step off the plane and breathe in the heat, the light and colour.
Here….in Greece!
With its year-round pleasant weather and beautiful coastline mile upon mile, Greece and its islands have long been popular destination for Russians.
From the stunning architecture of Acropolis to the sun-kissed Mykonos, from the mountains of Peloponnese to the lunar landscapes of Meteora, Greece’s winning combination of great beaches and favourable climate prove irresistible.
Whether you want to visit mainland Greece, Epirus, Ionian coastline, Evia, Crete or the Aegean Islands, we have some fantastic deals available this winter, so you can swap the chilly Russian weather for Greek salad with virgin oil, ouzo, Syrtaki and sunshine!!!!

• Long Stay Holidays – 50+
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