Specialized Services: Facial and body treatments, Slimming programs,  Laser, Oxygen therapy, Permanent makeup (tattoo), Radical epilation, Dermatologic Surgery,  Medical Improvement of Sports Capabilities, Therapeutic Medical Acupuncture

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Give yourself the care it deserves!!
We are waiting for you at the hospitable and modern premises of ANASSA centers, in Thessaloniki and Giannitsa, in order to offer our high level services for the face and body at the most affordable prices, ensuring excellent and reliable results.

  1. THESSALONIKI: 10 Mystakidis, Charilaou area.
  2. GIANNITSA: 72 Hatzidimitriou str, Center (the largest city in the regional unit of Pella and the capital of the Pella municipality).
Facilities & Amenities
– ANASSA Centers have been operating since 1988 in the Region of Central Macedonia in northern Greece at two locations, Thessaloniki and Giannitsa .

– The daily services of our centers provided with the help of the latest technology such as: laser, state-of-the-art photolysis machines, microcrystals, microcurrents, oxygen units, etc.

Quality of Service/Accreditation
The centers are certified according to the international standard EN ISO 9001

Patients & Visitors

International Patient Services
ANASSA – Beauty and Health Centers welcomes international visitors to its facilities and provides support to those who need high level services for the face and body, combined with a holiday in Greece.
Languages spoken
Greek, English, Italian, Swedish
Visitor Information

Visitor Do’s
Follow the directions of the senior person in charge of each area and/or department.
Do be considerate of others present in the center.

Visitor Don’ts
Smoking is prohibited, so please do not smoke.
Please do not bring handy cameras, and visitors below 12 years.
Food or drinks are not permitted.

Other information
Free Wi-Fi access
There are also many exciting activities and attractions in the surrounding region that are well worth discovering. See below:

Patient Insurance
Private patients and visitors are welcome
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Client Testimonials

Aesthetics Services

Aesthetics Department
– Face

  • Deep facial cleansing,
  • Green peel herbal peeling,
  • Acne scars,
  • Treatment of dyschromia – chloasma,
  • Treatment of deep wrinkles,
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Facial therapies
  • Beauty & medical permanent make up tattoo
  • Unique programs for bride and groom
  • Bridal make up

– Body

  • The treatment of cellulite, relaxation, and overweight kilos, is our daily care with new type of machines and certified cosmetic treatments.
  • Artificial tan, nail art and relaxation and spa services are some of the benefits we offer daily in our centers.
  • Slimming
  • Tightening

– Hair removal
Radical epilation is one of our basic services and is provided with state-of-the-art photolysis machines, lasers and needles.

Nutrition and Dietetics Department
The Nutrition and Dietetics Department, a self-contained dietetic unit with a physician – physiologist and dietician – nutritionist, serves scientifically with slimming programs and nutritionally supports all medical specialties.

Medical Department

Dermatology Clinic
  • Dermatology
  • Aesthetic dermatology
  • Clinical dermatology
  • Dermatologic surgery
  • DNA test
Obesity Clinic

We have created an Obesity Clinic, treating the disease with a protocol that includes:
• Therapeutic Medical Acupuncture
• Diet
• Liposuction machines

Other Departments

Medical Improvement for Athletes

Finally, the Medical Improvement of Sports Capabilities Department is an innovative provision for Athletes and Athletes.

Health Care Team

Medical Team


⇒  Dr. Kalokasidis Konstantinos, PhD, Dermatologist – Aphrodisiacologist


View full CV (PDF file – English version)

Dr. Kalokasidis





⇒  Dr. Alexandris Ioannis, Special pathology, Medical act of therapeutic velonism


View full CV (PDF file – English version




⇒ Tsioudas Athanasios, Dietitian – Nutritionist, MSc in Clinical Nutrition



View full CV (PDF file – English version

Athanasios Tsioudas_CV






Semertzidou Maria, Aesthetics Graduate, Cosmetology , specialist to apply thermolysis, electrolysis and combined currents (Blend)








Maria Koloni, Aesthetics and Cosmetology Graduate, specialist in Permanent makeup (tattoo)

Maria Koloni_CV





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