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In CITYnefroCLINIC, an ultra-modern Dialysis Centre, patients are under constant monitoring by experienced nursing and medical staff. The medical staff (nephrologists, cardiologists, general practitioners) is available to patients during dialysis, for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Athens, Galatsi
Facilities & Amenities
The Dialysis Center operate in modern medical facilities with top of the line equipment, which guarantee complete safety of patients in conjunction with the strict hygiene rules that are applied at CITYnefroCLINIC.
In an emergency case, there is immediate coordination with all departments and laboratories of City Clinic.
• Electric beds and armchairs for dialysis
• Possibility of transportation by ambulance from and to the Dialysis Center when necessary
•    Center is wheelchair accessible.
•    Diet and nutrition services
•    Psychological and social support
Quality of Service/Accreditation
All dialysis machines are internationally certified.

Patients & Visitors

International Patient Services
The CITYnefroCLINIC welcomes foreign guests who require dialysis during their stay in Greece. We create cost-effective holiday packages tailored to the needs of dialysis patients. So, you can enjoy unforgettable holidays at Athens with all the care you deserve during your dialysis treatment. Want to book a dialysis holidays package? We are right here to help you! Contact us and take a step closer to your dream holidays.
Languages spoken
Greek, English
Visitor Information
5 minutes-once during the dialysis
No more than two visitors at a time per patient
Exit the room when the doctor or nurse are tending to the patient
Patient Insurance
We accept a large number of insurances. Our Admissions staff will work with your insurance company to identify what is covered and which costs, if any, you will be responsible for. Patients who pay for their own medical care or patients from abroad are also welcome.
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Health Services

Medical Departments

Dialysis Unit
• 2 dialysis rooms, equipped with automatic special therapeutic chairs
• Capacity of ………. beds
• Different Room for patients with Hepatitis B
• Specially Room for VIP dialysis patients
• Average treatment length of dialysis: usually takes a minimum of 3 .5 hours but may take more.
• CITYnefroCLINIC accepts HBsAg-neg, neg anti-HCV
• CITYnefroCLINIC accepts adults and children over 16 year’s

Dialysis procedures:
Standard bicarbonate hemodialysis (HD), Hemodiafiltration (HDF), Single needle with Bicarbonate
Different machine for Hepatitis C Patients

Medical Equipment

The Dialysis Center is equipped with:
• Latest technology dialysis machines NIKKISO, applicable for all methods of dialysis:
– Classic Hemodialysis
– Οn line Hemofiltration and Hemodiafiltration
– Hemoperfusion with yoke
• Modern water treatment system (production of “extra-pure” water)
• Variety of Hemodialysis filters of synthetic membranes (low and high flux)
Diagnostic, Radiological & Laboratory services
-Clinical and laboratory diagnosis of patients with renal disease


Diagnostic, Radiological & Laboratory services
Special Units
Emergency unit and private ambulance available all day, nephrologists remain in the unit during the haemodialysis procedure and are available 24 hours a day either for a simple advice or for an emergency case.
There is also cardiological support by specialist cardiologist.

Outpatient Departments

Special Programs
Outpatient Programs

Health Care Team

Medical Team
Affiliate Doctors
Doctor is regularly present during each dialysis procedure. The nursing staff is polite, professional and helpful with long experience in dialysis. First-line medical support is available at all times to resolve any medical problems arising during your holiday.

Traveling abroad for medical care?
We make it easy to access a world-class care……
– For patient care services, please send us a question
– If you have a non-emergency medical question, contact us

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