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Specialized Services: Hair transplantation, Laser Hair removal, Injectable Materials, Liposuction, Venereal diseases

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DERMA HAIR CLINIC is a modern clinic of cosmetic dermatology and Dermatologic surgery in the center of Athens.
Dr. Apostolos Karalexis, Dermatologist – Venereologist is the director at Derma Hair Clinic

Athens – 1.5 km away from the Acropolis monument and only 150 meters away from the Metro Station “Megaron Mousikis”.
Facilities & Amenities
Excellent medical team and facilities
Quality of Service/Accreditation
2017 Award Badge

Patients & Visitors

International Patient Services
DERMA HAIR CLINIC welcomes international visitors to its facilities and provides support for patients with dermatological problems, combined with a holiday in Greece.
Languages spoken
Greek and English
Visitor Information
Papadiamantopoulou 4 & Vas. Sofias,
(Athens Concert Hall),
11528, Athens, Greece
Patient Insurance
Private Patients are Welcome
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Client Testimonials

Jerry Becht – Floyds, Knobs, Indiana

“He never made me feel pressured at all”
“After visiting 4 different doctors, regardless of the price (he was not the lowest price, in the middle) I felt very comfortable and confident for our first meeting. He was very honest about what results he would provide for me (I didn’t have the best donor area). He never made me feel pressured at all. He event gave me his personal cell and told me I could called him after anytime after our first meeting and then after the procedure. He saw me the day after the procedure and one week after since I was in Greece on vacation. His two assistants during the procedure were also very professional and well trained. I would go back for another procedure anytime. He was very professional, qualified and really cares about his patients.
Top notch office, very clean and nice.”

Health Services

Medical Departments
  • Venereal diseases
  • Hair transplantation
  • Tatoo Removal / Acne Scars
  • Laser Hair removal
  • Liposuction
  • Mesotherapy
  • Hyaluronic Acid/Fillers
  • Fat transfer
  • Dermabrasion
  • Peeling

Why You Should Choose DERMA HAIR CLINIC in Athens

Special Programs
– Natural looking result and maximum density guaranteed! During the transplantation we take into consideration the original direction of a hair’s growth, thus the implanted hair looks and feels natural.
– Guarantee for every hair implanted at our clinic! Having 15 years experience in hair transplantation Dr. Karalexis can guaranty the maximum density.
– Hair transplant does not leave any scars on your head! The last 10 years we only use the Power FUE method. The punch we use to harvest hair follicles on the donor area is visible only under a magnifying glass and will leave no visible scars on the back side of the head.
– Pain free procedure during the hair transplant procedure we use local anesthesia so patients have a pain-free experience.
– Save 50% on the price of your hair transplant. We always try to provide the best price-to-value ratio to our patients.

Health Care Team

Medical Team
Excellent medical team and facilities
Affiliate Doctors
Dr. Apostolos Karalexis, Dermatologist – Venereologist, Director at Derma Hair Clinic

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