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Specialized Services: Management of infertility, Preimplantation genetic diagnosis, IVF, Gynecology,  Plastic Surgery, One Day Clinic Surgery

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Genesis Athens Clinic is the largest private IVF unit in Athens and is internationally renowned for its work in infertility services.

Genesis Athens Clinic is a private medical company, equipped with the most state-of-the-art instruments, staffed with Greece’s top medical scientists, to satisfy the needs in Greece for highly specialized services (surgical, gynecological, and plastic surgery departments – Radiological and Laboratory services ) and “one day clinic” surgical techniques, delivering value through commitment, professionalism and care.
The IVF Unit (original name: Centre for Human Reproduction) was founded in 1995 by Dr Konstantinos Pantos with the vision to provide the highest standard of individualized care to help and support all couples faced with infertility issues. It is now situated in Genesis Athens Clinic (also founded by Dr. Pantos in 2004) and the staff includes leaders in the fields of infertility, embryology and medical genetics.

World firsts and big successes of “GENESIS ATHENS”

  • Our scientific work is included in the global history of IVF
  • We contributed to the birth of the first thalassemia-free child in the world with blastocyst biopsy, in 2004.
  • We contributed to the birth of the first child in the world, free from chronic granulomatous disease, which saved its sister, providing stem cells for transplantation in 2005
    We contributed to the birth in the world of healthy children, which given their genes and without our intervention, were likely to suffer from rare genetic diseases such as Alzheimer Cadasil (2006) congenital adrenal hyperplasia (2006), and maxillofacial dysostosis syndrome FSHD (2007)
  • In 2007, GENESIS ATHENS was featured in the international news network CNN for allowing the birth of a healthy child to a family of LEBER syndrome carriers, who had two blind children.
  • We achieved the first pregnancy in Greece after preimplantion genetic diagnosis of all chromosomes using the method in 2010.

14-16 Papanikoli str. Chalandri-Athens, Greece
Facilities & Amenities
The clinic provides integrated one-day clinic healthcare services with 35 modern infirmary beds, highly specialised scientific staff, fully functional, comfortable and safe facilities in combination with the most advanced information technology systems for medical file management.
The Clinic is housed in a recently-constructed building, simply and plainly decorated, with one- to five-bed rooms equipped with modern communication systems, TVs and computers.
The premises are protected by CCTV and a security service and also has a privately-owned underground car parking area.
Quality of Service/Accreditation
The clinic is fully accredited according to ISO 90001:2000, whose embryology-fertilization laboratory achieves the best results per attempt.

Patients & Visitors

International Patient Services
GENESIS ATHENS Clinic welcomes international visitors who travel to Greece for fertility treatment. Why choose our country? Proven Expertise in Assisted Reproduction, financial reasons as the cost of IVF is lower (4-5 times lower than the USA), progressive legislation in Greece were as legislation restrictions apply in other countries.
Greece is also a favorite holiday destination due to an abundance of islands, favorite climate, beautiful scenery and best beaches within a wealth of archeological and historical sites. This enables for extra relaxation and emotional approach of the couple during treatment.
Languages spoken
English and Greek
Visitor Information
Patient Insurance/ Payment Options
– Private patients are welcome
– We accept debit and credit cards and bank transfers.
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Health Services

Medical Departments

–  IVF
Reconstructive fallopian tube surgery
Intrauterine insemination
In vitro fertilization & embryo transfer
Assisted Hatching
Gamete intrafallopian transfer (gift)
Zygote intrafallopian transfer (zift)
Egg maturation in laboratory – in vitro maturation (IVM)
Conservation of embryos, oocytes and ovarian tissue freezing
Sperm freezing – sperm banks
Egg – embryo donation
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
Department of Psychological support and Counselling
–  Gynaecological department
–  Surgical department (gastric ulcers, appendectomies, inguinal hernias, umbilical hernias and other types of hernias, breast oncology, skin and subcutaneous diseases, haemorrhoids and other rectal diseases, and removal of varicose veins from the legs).
–  Plastic surgery (the clinic performs a large number of routine cosmetic surgery operations  as well as non-invasive for women and men)
–  Ultrasound department
–  Microbiological – biochemical laboratory
–  Reproductive medicine unit
–  Endoscopy department

Medical Equipment
The clinic uses state-of-the-art ultrasound tomographs, 3D/4D colour imaging and specialised scientific staff to perform ultrasound scans of all organs of the human body.
Diagnostic, Radiological & Laboratory services
“GENESIS ATHENS ” is a modern Clinic with a number of Biological Laboratories, composed of the following departments:
Haematology – Coagulation – Electrophoresis
Molecular Genetics
Special Units
One Day Surgery (ODS)

Outpatient Departments

Special Programs
Outpatient Programs
The clinic covers a wide range of laboratory examinations to meet even the most specialised needs and we deliver 90% of the laboratory results on the same day.
Hormone Check, Prenatal Testing, Recurrent Miscarriage Screening, Lipidemia Profile, Fertility Testing, Thrombophilia Screening, Preoperative Screening, Routine Check-up are some of the daily tests whose results are delivered on the same day.

Health Care Team

Medical Team
Dr Kostantinos Pantos, MD, PhD 〈Surgeon Obstetrician Gynecologist PhD University of Athens specialized in IVF at the Reproductive Biology Unit (RBU), Royal Women’s Hospital University〉 is the Scientific Director of the Medical team and the founder of Genesis Athens Clinic.

– The medical team at the Clinic includes leaders in the fields of infertility, embryology and medical genetics.

Affiliate Doctors

DIMITRIOS STAVROU, MD: Surgeon Obstetrician Gynecologist. Specialized in IVF at the Royal Women’s Hospital, University of Melbourne.

MICHALIS GRAMMATIS, MD: Surgeon Obstetrician – Gynecologist. Specialized in IVF, Laparo- scopic Surgery in England.

NIKOLAOS BATHRELLOS, MD: Obstetrician – Gynecologist PhD, University of Athens. Specialized in IVF and Laparoscopic Surgery at the Tel-Hasomer University Clinic, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

STEFANOS SYRKOS, MD: Fellow of Royal Australian College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.  Specialist Consultant in University of Melbourne Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Laparoscopic Surgery and Reproductive Medicine, Mercy Hospital for Women and Monash IVF.

ANASTASIOS KONSTANTOPOULOS, MD: Obstetrician – Gynecologist Specialized in IVF and andrology at the University Hospital St. Luc Bruxelles Specialized in gynecological endoscopy at the ZNA Hospital Campus Stuivenberg Antwerp.

SFAKIANOUDIS KOSTAS, MD: Obstetrician – Gynecologist Specialized in Human Infertility at the University Hospital Bruxelles CHU St.Pierre and IXELLES. Specialized in male infertility at the University Montpelier and Toulouse And Specialized in Endocopic Surgery in Gynecology at the Clermont Ferrand.

VASILEIOS KELLARIS, MD: Obstetrician – Gynecologist MSc in Pregnancy High Risk, Diploma of Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics U.K. MSc cand. in Reproduction and Development –School of Clinical Science Bristol University U.K., PhD candidate at the University of Athens. Scientific Advisor to stem cell bank.


Obstetrician – Gynecologist, Specialized in IVF

ATHANASIOS GARAVELAS: Surgeon Obstetrician Gynecologist PhD , University of Rome specialized in IVF Master’s Degree in Pathology of pregnancy Master’s Degree in Reproductive and regenerative medicine

MARIOS MARKOPOULOS, MD: Consultant Obstetrician – Gynecologist, MSC, PhD specialised in Endoscopic Surgery (KING’ S COLLEGE HOSPITAL,LONDON,UK) and in female reproductive medicine

MANOS PROMPONAS: Obstetrician – Gynecologist, Master at Athens University in Pre-Implantation factors in IVF, Member of European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE)

ADAM MILTIADIS: ‘Οbstetrician- Gynecologist specialized in Human Reproduction in GENESIS Athens Clinic. Graduated in Midwifery faculty and Medical School of Athens .Specializing in the maternity clinic ”ELENA’S VENIZELOU”. Certificated of specialized training in the “Human Reproduction” at University of Athens. Scientific Collaborator of GENESIS Athens clinic ( clinical research associate with Genesis )


  • Dimitrios Stathis, MD
  • Fevronia Stathi, MD
  • Evgenia Hatzidimitriou
  • Panagiotis Argyropoulos – Aznavouridis


  • Georgios Zoumis, MD – Cardiologist
  • Bessie Kolovaki, MD – Psychologist
  • Nitsos Nikolaos MD,PhD Clinical Microbiologist, Laboratory Director Genesis Athens Clinic


  • Gayle Jones, PhD
  • Terpsi Vaxevanoglou
  • Georgia Kokkali, PhD
  • Margarita Chronopoulou
  • Konstantina Petroutsou
  • Rena Aggeli, PhD
  • Maria Biba, MSc
  • Cristina Markomihali, MSc
  • Afroditi Katouna, MSc
  • Maria Fakiridou, MSc
  • Sofia Doriza
  • Theodora Griva
  • Eftihia Baxevani
  • Eftimia Kyritsopouloy

All departments are perfectly staffed with highly qualified medical and paramedical personnel

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