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IATROPOLIS Medical Group is a unique private medical center that combines non invasive modern treatment methods for cancer and imaging using state of the art technologies.
It was founded in 1986 in Athens were the first MRI SCANNER was installed and for many years it was the one and only in Greece.
IATROPOLIS Medical Group nowadays is operating four (4) medical imaging centers in Athens fully equipped with the cutting edge technology providing high quality services accredited by international standards (certified by ISO 9001-2008)
Investing in new technologies and techniques best practices and professional standards IATROPOLIS was the first in Greece to treat cancer patient with malignant or non malignant tumors in any part of the body or functional disorders, using the CyberKnife treatment a non invasive robotic radiosurgery procedure.
The only one “CyberKnife treatment” in Greece operates in IATROPOLIS since 2006 and treated more than 4000 patient so far with great success.
TOMOTHERAPY the new standard in patient care that gives clinicians everything they need to deliver the best radiation therapy possible, is also the first and the only one ever to be installed in Greece.
Since 2013 treats numerous patients in IATROPOLIS and the results are really amazing.
The growing community of patient’s survivor is our greatest source of pride and inspiration.

IATROPOLIS is operating four (4) medical imaging centers in Athens
Facilities & Amenities

Quality of Service/Accreditation
IATROPOLIS Medical Group provides high quality services accredited by international standards (certified by ISO 9001-2008)
Also the Biopathology laboratory has been certified under ISO 15189:2007 thus making it one of the few laboratories in the Greece with this certification.

Patients & Visitors

International Patient Services
IATROPOLIS welcomes international visitors who travel to Greece for cancer treatment.
Languages spoken
Greek, English, German, Russian
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Private patients are welcome. The center accepts debit and credit cards (Visa, Master, American Express, V-pay, Maestro and Diners) and bank transfers.
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Health Services

Medical Departments
IATROPOLIS Medical Group consists of three departments:

  • Diagnostic Imaging: Eighteen (18) sections equipped with all the Media Medical Imaging
  • Biopathology laboratory (microbiological, biochemical, immunological, hematological)
  • Radiotherapy: Radio therapeutic department has two specialized system of radiotherapy.
  • Clinic: IATROPOLIS expanded to secondary healthcare through the establishment of the clinic
Medical Equipment
  • 8 Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners
  • 5 Computed Tomography (CT) scanners
  • TomoTherapy system (a type of radiation therapy in which the radiation is delivered slice-by-slice)
  • Radioactive iodine therapy (I-131) for thyroid cancer
  • CyberKnife – a non invasive robotic radio surgery procedure
  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET/CT) Biograph mCT Flow
Diagnostic, Radiological & Laboratory services

Thanks to its innovative design and the ground-breaking technology it applies, it is in many cases the only solution, while it can also be used as a complementary method, following surgery, conventional radiotherapy or chemotherapy.
It consists of 5 main parts, used in cooperation to perform medical Stereotactic Radiosurgery.
–  The advantages of CyberKnife
Compared with the other methods of stereotactic radio surgery, it is the only one whose application extends to all parts of the body and is not limited to the brain.
It can deliver radiation to targets of any shape, as it is not limited to isocentric treatment, but directs beams from different sides to the target, in accordance with the treatment plan that has been prepared and applied by the robot.
CyberKnife’s  flexibility allows treatment planning via a multitude  of options, including forward or inverse plans.
–  Conditions treated with CyberKnife
In the liver the pancreas & the lungs
In the Lungs:

  • Stage I or II non-small cell lung cancer
  • Local replace of NSCLC, after radiotherapy
  • Persistent solitary SCLC focus after chemo & radiotherapy
  • Solitary pulmonary metastasis

 In the liver:

  • Hepatocellular cancer
  • Cholangiocarcinoma
  • Hepatic metastases
  • Oligometastatic Diseases

–  CyberKnife can be used for the treatment of the above in the following ways:

  • Either as a first-line option
  • Or as an alternative to surgery
  • Or as an adjunct to surgery
  • Or as an adjunct to radiotherapy
  • Or in combination with chemotherapy
    Or in combination with chemo and radiotherapy

The decision as to whether and how the patient will be treated is taken after evaluation of his/her medical file by the CyberKnife scientific team [a radiotherapist-oncologist, a doctor specializing in the tread organ and a radiation physicist].
In the prostate
The application of CyberKnife, robotic stereotactic radio surgery in the prostate offers many advantages compared to other alternatives for the treatment of adenocarcinomas.
It is not invasive [unlike radical prostatectomy] no anesthesia is used, no recovery time is required, as there is no damage to normal tissues.
In low-risk patients, it is the most modern and safe non-invasive nethod.
– In the brain and spinal column
– What types of lesions does it address?
Vascular malformations of brain
Incipient brain, skull base and spine tumours
Primary, recurrent or residual tumours of the spinal cord and spinal column
Metastases in the brain and spinal cord by neoplasm
–  Its advantages over open surgery:
It prevents hospital stays and hospitalization after the end of treatment, so the patients can return to their daily activities.
It entails no procedures for surgery, general anesthesia, postoperative pain, recovery time, possible hospital associated infections.
It avoids potential damage to adjacent sensitive nerve formations from unavoidable surgical handling and accesses.

Special Units

Outpatient Departments

Special Programs
Outpatient Programs

Health Care Team

Medical Team
Dr Panagiotis Pantelakos, Director of TomoTherapy
– Dr Nikolaos Salvaras, Director of Cyberknife
5 Radiation Oncologists:
Dr Georgia Philippou, Dr Maria Piperi, Dr Evelin Beli, Dr Dimitrios Demenagas
2 Neurosurgeons:
Dr Olga Athanasiou, Dr Leonidas Lekkas
4 Medical Physists:
Christos Antypas, Evaggelos Pantelis, Iliana Sideri, Katerina Salvara
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