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Specialized Services:   Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD),   High Quality Dialysis Services,    Holiday & Dialysis

Rontis HD was founded with the central idea to offer high quality services to kidney patients. The center, as a subsidiary of Rontis – a well known medical company – founded by people who know better than everyone the real needs of renal patients. The Dialysis Center guarantees high quality dialysis services under the signature of Rontis and FRESENIUS MEDICAL CARE. Rontis HD has been established to satisfy the needs of overseas kidney patients who decide to spend their holidays (either for leisure or for business) in Greece.

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The Holiday Dialysis Centre, located at the city of Loutraki, a historic and cosmopolitan summer resort, only 4km away from the town centre. It is less than an hour away from the capital of Greece, Athens.

With the construction of the national road that connects the capital of Greece with Loutraki, it has become a suburb of Athens.

There is also an efficient light railway service to the capital.

Address: Old Bridge, Loutraki, Peloponnese – Greece

Facilities & Amenities
  • The Dialysis Centre is situated at a 4500m2 complex with gardens and panoramic view of the Corinthian Gulf.
  • Capacity of 30 beds
  • The Dialysis waiting lounge is comfortable, sunny, air-conditioned and visitors can enjoy their time either by listening music or by watching television. In the modern and luxurious facilities patients and their companions can enjoy the care they deserve.

During dialysis, snacks and refreshments provided at no extra charge.

  • Center is wheelchair accessible.
  • Diet and nutrition services
  • Psychological and social support
Quality of Service/Accreditation

All dialysis machines that equip the Rontis Dialysis Clinics are produced by the global leader in the specific sector Fresenius Medical Care.

Also it has been certified under ISO 9001:2008 for the Quality Management Systems.

Patients & Visitors

International Patient Services

The Rontis – Holiday Dialysis Center welcomes foreign guests who require dialysis during their stay in Greece.

We create cost-effective holiday packages tailored to the needs of dialysis patients.

So, you can enjoy unforgettable holidays at Loutraki with all the care you deserve during your dialysis treatment.

Want to book a dialysis holidays package? We are right here to help you!

Contact us and take a step closer to your dream holidays.

Loutraki is a traditional and famous summer destination held in high esteem. Its beaches have been awarded the European Blue Flag since 1987. There are many hotels of all categories in the city to serve groups or independent patients. At Loutraki is located the ancient city of Thermae, which takes its name from its natural mineral source of water. The water’s medicinal qualities established the mineral water of Loutraki as a symbol of natural and healthy life. In the town centre, the municipal hydrotherapy centre of the city offers special programs of:

*Spas, *Spring water pools, *Jacuzzi, sauna and modern physiotherapy massage, *Mud – therapy and beauty treatments.

Every year during the spring, summer and autumn months, Loutraki is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world.

The city of Loutraki offers a great variety entertainment to suit all tastes. Visitors can enjoy an unforgettable sunset viewed from the beach area, along which there are numerous cafes, traditional seaside taverns serving fresh fish and Greek food.

Finally, the largest Casino of Europe Club Hotel Casino Loutraki is located in the city of Loutraki.

One of the most important advantages that make Loutraki a top tourist destination is its geographical location. Visitors can discover sites of great historic interest:

  • Athens 75 km,
  • Nafplio 63km,
  • Mycenae 77km,
  • Epidaurus 80km,
  • Delphi 160km,
  • Ancient Corinth 15km,
  • Olympia 280km

The Centre offers distinctive services that make it distinguished:

  • Organizes the transportation of patients and their families from and to the airport upon request

We will be happy to assist you with any queries and look forward to hear from you

Languages spoken
English, French, Russian
Visitor Information

Visitors are welcome in the wards only during the following times:

5 minutes-once during the dialysis

No more than two visitors at a time per patient

Exit the room when the doctor or nurse are tending to the patient

As the above mentioned rules are of paramount importance for patient recuperation, we ask for your understanding and assistance in ensuring visiting hours are observed and the rules are followed.

Visitor Do’s

Follow the directions of the senior person in charge of each area and/or department.

Do be considerate of others present in the clinic.

Please use the alcohol gel, available at all ward entrances, to disinfect your hands each time you enter or leave the ward.

Visitor Don’ts

Smoking is prohibited, so please do not smoke.

Please do not bring handy cameras, and visitors below 12 years to the clinic.

Food or drinks are not permitted in the clinic.

Other information

  • Parking
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Bus stop
  • ATM – Bank, cafeteria and restaurant are located in the city center
Patient Insurance
They accept EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), private insurance, credit cards.
Available Video
Client Testimonials

Health Services

Medical Departments
Dialysis Unit
– 3 dialysis rooms, equipped with automatic special therapeutic chairs
– Capacity of 30 beds
– Different Room for patients with Hepatitis B
– Specially Room for VIP dialysis patients
– Average treatment length of dialysis: usually takes a minimum of 3 .5 hours but may take more.
– Rontis HD center accepts HBsAg-neg, neg anti-HCV
– Rontis HD center accepts adults and children over 16 year’s
Dialysis procedures:
– Standard bicarbonate hemodialysis (HD), Hemodiafiltration (HDF), Single needle with Bicarbonate
– Different machine for Hepatitis C Patients

Medical Equipment
Rontis HD uses:
– 30 FRESENIUS 4008B and 4008S dialysis machines
– Reverse osmosis water treatment
– Low flux and high flux polysulfone dialyzers
– Bicarbonate dialysis solutions
– Sterilization of machines between shifts
– No filter reuse
Rontis HD cares about the safety of patients and takes all necessary precautions for them
– Central oxygen supply available to each dialysis position
– Electricity generator in case of power failure
– The Centre serves patients positive in hepatitis B in separate room with separate dialysis machines.

Diagnostic, Radiological & Laboratory services
Collaborate with a diagnostic center
Special Units
– Emergency unit and private ambulance available all day, nephrologists remain in the unit during the haemodialysis procedure and are available 24 hours a day either for a simple advice or for an emergency case.
– There is also cardiological support by specialist cardiologist.

Outpatient Departments

Special Programs
Outpatient Programs
We create cost-effective holiday packages tailored to the needs of dialysis patients.
So, you can enjoy unforgettable holidays at Loutraki with all the care you deserve during your dialysis treatment.
Want to book a dialysis holidays package? We are right here to help you!
Contact us and take a step closer to your dream holidays.


Health Care Team

Medical Team
Doctor of the head of medical team: Mrs Ntagkounaki Paraskevi, nephrologist
Affiliate Doctors
2 nephrologists: Mr Komninakis Dimitrios and Mr Deda Aimilios
A pathologist: Mrs Nikolaou Vera
A cardiologist: Mr Kanellos George

Doctor is regularly present during each dialysis procedure.
The nursing staff is polite, professional and helpful with long experience in dialysis
First-line medical support is available at all times to resolve any medical problems arising during your holiday.

Traveling abroad for medical care?
We make it easy to access a world-class care……
– For patient care services, please send us a question
– If you have a non-emergency medical question, contact us

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Rontis – Holiday Dialysis Center