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Specialized Services: Hemodialysis and Hemodiafiltration Services, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), Holiday -Dialysis

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Saronic Nephrological Center is a pioneering movement funded by a private institution in the area of clinical nephrology with the objective to offer anthropocentric therapeutic services to outpatients with symptoms renal insufficiency or to patients who have end stage renal dysfunction and are required to have dialysis sessions.

Saronic Nephrological Center is located on a new property, with a surface area of 250 sq. meters in the area of Kipseli, Aegina, at a distance of only five km from the two main ports of the island, Aegina Town and Souvala
Address: 11 Vasileos Konstantinou str., Kypseli area, Aegina Island – Greece
Facilities & Amenities
– The Saronic Nephrological Center is a distinctive space, with simple décor, but full of warmth, it satisfies the needs of our guests, creating strong personal relations between our permanent patients, our guests, and the management team.
– Light: Special emphasis was given to the “light” factor, the reflection, and to the positive impact it gives to our psyche. That is why we chose a building that allowed us to have the height of the ceiling at 2,60 m, with big glass windows and doors on the southeast side, allowing the generous flow of light into the main unit of the center during the whole day
– The center consists of 13 B. Braun latest technology dialysis units and the necessary infrastructure that is required by applicable laws.
– Every dialysis place/position is equipped with a T.V., headphones, telephone and internet connection.
– During each dialysis session we offer light snacks, coffee, refreshments and fruits.
Center is wheelchair accessible.
Quality of Service/Accreditation
The center has chosen to partner with leading multinational companies with expertise in the field of dialysis.
Also it has been certified under ISO 9001:2000 for the Quality Management Systems.

Patients & Visitors

International Patient Services

The geographical location of the center, at only a breath away from Athens and all nearby islands, are all factors that are sure to contribute to tourism development in the Saronic Gulf, therefore enhancing the services covered under the category of medical tourism.
The staff at Saronic Nephrological Center believes that hospitality is the highest ideal, and in combination with unparalleled care for Greek or foreign guests, concludes in the two most important pillars of how our center functions.
We promise that we will make every effort in order to ensure that all patients who choose Aegina as their destination for a short or longer holiday, as visitors or guests, enjoy services of unsurpassed safety and care, similar to that of their home center, thus ensuring their relaxation, calmness, and mental uplift.

About Aegina Island
In the middle of the Saronic Gulf, sixteen and a half nautical miles from the port of Pireaus, in the light blue waters of myth and history lies Aegina, or according to Herodotus, the island of Aegina is the first capital of modern Greece, the island whose ancient name has remained unchanged throughout the ages.
According to the ancient Greek myth, Aegina was the loveliest of river Asopos twenty daughters. Zeus, father of men and gods, fell in love with her. He transformed himself into an eagle and carried her away from Flious (today called Ai-Giorgos, East of Arcadia) to the then uninhabited island of Oinoni directly in the middle of the Saronic Gulf. The fruit of their love was Aeacus, who became the first and last king of the island that bore the name of his mother, Aegina, (or Aigina).

Aegina’s climate is Mediterranean, i.e. dry and healthy with few rainfalls, which explains why the island has always been an ideal travel spot, whether for health reasons, or for winter or summer holidays.

The city of Aegina, which takes its name from the island itself, is situated on the western side of the island. As you enter the harbour that is buzzing with life, the small, snow-white and picturesque chapel of Ai-Nikolas (St. Nicholas) welcomes you from the jetty on the waterfront. The church of St. Nicholas, patron of the sailors, was build with funds raised by the seamen of Aegina. Saint Nicholas is so greatly adored by the local mariners that a common wish to those who is going to sail is: “may the saint sit at your rudder”.

Languages spoken
English, Greek
Visitor Information

– 5 minutes-once during the dialysis
– No more than two visitors at a time per patient
– Exit the room when the doctor or nurse are tending to the patient

The documents are required for keeping a dialysis spot at our centre are:
– Photocopy of your EHIC card
– Recent Blood tests, a short medical history, information regarding the parameters of Dialysis session
– Photocopy of your Passport or your I.D.

Patient Insurance
The centre accepts visitors from European Union with EHIC card and there is no charge for their dialysis treatments. It is also accepts credit cards. Private patients welcome
Available Video
Client Testimonials
B.M.: summer in Greece
It was my first time travelling with having dialysis out of England. I was a little afraid. The nurses and the doctors of SARONIC NEPHROLOGICAL CENTER are very qualified and made my visit in Aegina a very pleasant experience. Thanks for everything you did for me and I do hope to meet you next year.

Health Services

Medical Departments

Dialysis Unit
9 dialysis units in the main room,
One unit for Hepatitis + patients, and aided by three spares
Different Room for patients with Hepatitis B

Dialysis procedures:
– Standard bicarbonate hemodialysis (HD), Hemodiafiltration (HDF), Single needle with Bicarbonate
– Different machine for Hepatitis C Patients

Medical Equipment
–  The necessary infrastructure needed in order to achieve that, is customized to every patients individual needs and consists of: ten (10) B Braun DIALOG + dialysis places, with the corresponding ISO 9001:2000 certification for the disposables, staff 9 dialysis units in the main room, and one unit for Hepatitis + patients, and aided by three spares.
–  The system/mechanism for the sterilization of the water, with reverse osmosis, was designed and placed by the company TEMAK, and consists of two individual membrane systems, pumps and softeners, in order to eliminate any possibility of temporary pause or dysfunction of the center.
–  For continuous electrical feed for the center, we have obtained a 65 kva generator from the company Petros Petropoulos AEBE.
–  The air-conditioning and ventilation system was designed and placed by the companies ABB Hellas AE-ALTEMCO AE.
Diagnostic, Radiological & Laboratory services
Special Units
– During a medical incident that requires a patient to be transported to a hospital in Athens, the nautical companies that manage the hydrofoils (flying dolphins) Aegean & Hellenic Seaways, are committed for the immediate and safe transfer, with priority from the Port Authority, and arrival to the port of Pireaus is made in just 30 minutes time.
– Moreover, for renal patient’s assurance, TZANEIO Public General Hospital which is located in Piraeus and acts as the scientific supervisor of our center, is obliged to offer support in emergency incidents, in case that “Agios Dionisios Hospital” and the Public Health Center which operate in Aegina cannot provide any aid.
– Furthermore, by applying the same regulations set forth by law, our ambulance is staffed with experienced and trained crew that is on hand 24 hours a day.

Outpatient Departments

Special Programs
The Saronic Nephrological Center creates cost-effective holiday packages tailored to the needs of dialysis patients.
Contact us and we are right here to help you!

Outpatient Programs

Health Care Team

Medical Team
We are committed to making every effort in order for our visitors to feel comfortable and at home from the very first moment they arrive.
The guarantee and proof for the above mentioned statements derives from the twenty years plus experience of Dr. Manolis Logothetis, who specializes in Nephrology, and is the center’s Medical Director. In addition, our nurse Supervisor, Ms. Niki Dimitrakopoulou, has fifteen years experience acting as Supervisor in dialysis centers.
Affiliate Doctors
Our staff has created a warm and friendly environment amongst medical team and patients, in order for our center not to resemble with an impersonal medical foundation.

Traveling abroad for medical care?
We make it easy to access a world-class care……
– For patient care services, please send us a question
– If you have a non-emergency medical question, contact us

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