MTFH (Medical Tourism Friendly Hotel)

In recent years, great steps have been taken to develop medical tourism in Greece, and more and more patients, within our country and from abroad, are choosing to combine their holidays with some type of medical service.
Medical travellers will not be spending their entire stay at the hospital. They would require accommodation both prior to and after the hospitalization event. Moreover, attendant/s travelling with the patient would require accommodation and food outside the hospital.
Many hotels have incorporated several patient friendly functionalities & processes in their design such as larger elevators that can accommodate stretchers, cuisines to suit the taste of various nationals, sensitive and empathetic staff, transport facilities to and from the hospital for patients and attendants, etc.
It is not only 4-star or 5-star hotels that can strategically build on this business segment. Serviced furniture apartments as well as 3-star hotels  or villas  have an equally important role to play – not all medical travellers may prefer 4-star or 5-star hotels.

Ilion - Hotel & Spa
Ilion – Hotel & Spa
• Medical Tourism Friendly Hotels
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