discover greeceNetwork Discover Greece is the promotion “tool” of Greece in the international market, with a particular emphasis on Russian-speaking countries (Russia and CIS countries).

Since 2009, Discover Greece provides specialized services in the fields of health, tourism and wellness.

In 2013, the company enters the market of Medical tourism services (, combining the medical expertise of leading Greek doctors with the warm Greek hospitality, the alternative medical therapies (thermal spa & wellness – regeneration) and the long stay holidays for rehabilitation and treatment (Long Stay Holidays, Holidays 50+), ensuring a relaxing medical tourism experience in Greece.

In 2014, the company focuses on medical marketing (promotion of health care industry of Greece in international markets), while expands its activities helping and hand holding patients looking for advanced medical treatments in Greece.

Gr Doc-enDiscover Greece so as to further support communication on internet, except of the company’s central portal, launches a unique medical catalogue – guide

This internet portal, translated in English and Russian languages, gives access to patients / visitors – hospitals / diagnostic centres to our exclusive network, which is comprised of renowned doctors of all specialties, surgeons, hospitals and diagnostic centres.

Through this website the visitor can be informed about the services and procedures as well as the medical experience, philosophy and practice of each doctor and to find in the best possible way the right doctor, the right hospital for the treatment of a specific disease.

Discover Greece provides to its customers customized medical tourism experience fulfilling your needs.

The company SOVI LIMIDED was founded by travel & tourism professionals as a “tourism and commercial business network, aiming to promote Greece abroad”. The company’s head office is located in London (R.Ν: 09930664) and has a branch office in Greece.

Company’s websites:

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