Ten reasons for making Greece your medical tourist destination!

   1.      Cost savings

1-cost_savingThis is the main reason most people initially cite for their decision to go abroad for medical treatment.

The cost of medical treatments in Greece is significantly lower compared to identical treatments in other countries.

Depending upon the procedure and your home country, you should expect to save around 30-50%, not only after paying the doctor and hospital fees, but also your travel tickets, accommodation and vacation for yourself and your companion!

2.     Highly qualified Professionals

2-Highly qualified ProfessionalsGreek doctors practice with as much personal care and professionalism as other doctors in well established destinations. Most have studied and worked in the USA and/or UK for a respectable time period and are European or American board certified. Many Greek doctors and surgeons have been meticulously trained to the highest levels, while many specialists have been conducting research at the world’s best medical institutes with some even leading the field in which they specialize.

3.     World class medical facilities

3-World class medical facilities

The hospitals, clinics and Medical centers in Greece feature state-of-the-art technology that helps them provide the highest degree of medical treatment and service.

All staff are truly friendly and considerate to the needs of all their patients, and they will do everything to make you feel relaxed and confident in the treatments you have selected, ensuring all your needs are met.

4.      Innovative treatment technologies

4-Innovative treatment technologies

Greece boasts hospitals and medical equipment equal to any in the West. Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers in Greece have adopted European and other International health and safety standards.  Many have subjected their premises and systems to the most rigorous classification by applying for accreditation and certification assessed by a qualified standards organisation or facility to determine if it meets a set of standards and requirements designed to improve the quality of patient care.

5.      No waiting list

5-No waiting listOne of the great advantages of receiving medical treatment in Greece is the ease with which appointments for treatment can be arranged.

Greek hospitals and clinics have numerous operating theaters and enough qualified surgeons makes the process more friendly for patient zeroing the waiting time even the most complex and invasive procedures.

 6.      High success rates

6-High success

Greece excels in specific treatments in terms of success rates.

The innovative methods, state of the art equipment, and qualified and professional staff make Greece a highly rated country for treatments such as:

IVF, cancer treatment, cosmetic and orthopaedic treatments or cardiac surgeries.

  7.      Convenience


Greece is easy for visitors to get to.

It takes only a few hours to fly to Greece.

Patients travelling to Greece for their treatment don’t have to worry about long flights back home during recovery and can still experience the best of Greece in their trip.

  8.     Healing Climate

8-Healing ClimateSea – sunlight – soft breeze 

Soaking up the Greek sun: Top up your Vitamin D levels
The Mediterranean coast of Greece is a warm and sunny location in Europe.

Even during winter, the sun is shinning most of the time, while during the summer you get nothing but sun…..

  9.     The famous Greek Hospitality

9-The famous Greek HospitalityGreece is world renowned for its friendly, welcoming, happy residents….
Feel free to mingle with the locals, have long chats with them or stop them and ask for directions.

They love it!

Greek people have always a positive and relaxing disposition that extends an open heart to welcome all visitors!

 10.     The lure of the new and different

10-The lure of the new and differentCombining healthcare with holidays – Although travelling abroad for medical reasons is a hard decision, it does not mean that it has to be a painful experience that you will want to quickly forget.  If you are going to visit Greece, it is always good to put a little time to explore the country before the procedure. You may want to go shopping, try their beach or mingle a bit with the locals during your free time or recovery.
The city of Athens is currently the most well known destination for Medical Tourism in Greece. Many other Greek destinations are following suit and places such as Crete, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Corfu,Santorini, Alexandroupolis, Loutraki and Kalamata. They are pioneers in the development of domestic Medical Tourism, already suitably equipped to meet the needs of patient/visitors. As well as boasting amazing scenery and glorious beaches surrounded by high cliffs or palm tree forests, Greece also has a wealth of cultural experiences to offer visitors.

Greece really is a paradise for Medical Tourists, a breathtaking country with a great healthcare system and committed and highly qualified Medical Professionals….

Greece – the original medical tourism destination!